Five Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Before all you cat people get angry with my blog, please take a look at my previous post titled "Five Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs" .. I am a DOG and CAT person. I love all things furry. But I do see the benefits of having one or the other and I also see the downside of having one or the other. Whether you're a dog or cat person, the most important thing is that you are a good pet owner and give your pet a good home with lots of love.

Five Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats:

1. Dogs Fetch
Cat don't fetch. They chase things. They chase the red laser dot. They jump and play. But if you throw a ball, it's highly unlikely your cat will retrieve the ball and bring it back to you. There are of course some exceptions but majority of cats don't fetch.

2. Dogs Bark
This isn't always a good thing. Especially if your dog is a yapper. Never the less, the loud barking of your dog can scare away unwanted visitors and intruders. Meows are cute but probably wont scare away potential robbers.

3. Dogs Don't Need a Litter Box
Dogs, if they're trained correctly, poop and pee outside. Cats can be trained to do the same but even if you let your cat outside, you still need to keep a litter box in the house. In the event where your dog has had an accident, poops in the house, you might notice the smell is not as bad as cat poop. Poop never smells good, but if I had a choice between having to smell cat poop or dog poop, I would pick dog poop.

4. Guilty Dog! Kitty Shaming - Does it work? Nah.  
Whenever a dog is shamed, they often give you a look like they're definitely embarrassed and also kind of remorseful. You can often observe this sense of guilt by seeing on their cute furry faces. Cats have a tendency to display absolutely no regret or sense of guilt. It's possible to place signs on the cats or even  next to them, and then take all the snap shots you wish, however I’m quite certain that felines are not pondering their shame in a similar fashion their humans are thinking about it .

4. "Here Kitty!"
Cats don't always come when you call. Sometimes you will call your cat and wonder where in the world they are. Meanwhile, your cat is just lounging around on under the couch, ignoring your calls. Dogs on the other had, will almost always jump right up and come running over for affection. Some cats also have a low tolerance for petting. Dogs often can't get enough of it.